April 21st, 2014

Enough about Flight 370. Billions have been thrown out the cabin door in an effort to locate the missing commercial jet. The United States, which has a business interest in finding the plane, that being the Boeing company, is spending oodles of noodles to help in the search, not because of compassionate humanitarian hand wring but because Boeing is the King of all aircraft manufactures in the U.S. With business telling government when to stand up and sit down, taxpayer dollars here at home are being dunked into the drink in an effort, not to find the dead, bloated, shark bit bodies of survivors,but to vindicate an American company employing thousands of slave laborers.

I say slave laborers because in relation to what their CEO’s make in salaries, mechanics and other union members might as well be picking cotton on a plantation in the Old South. This country is now an oligarchy. We’ve graduated from a plutocracy to an even more efficient way to widen the gap between those on shore and those cruising around in their private 95 foot yachts out there in the bay.

We can’t afford food stamps and unemployment benefits for those here at home on the brink of starvation and homelessness, but we throw billions into the recovery efforts to find a missing Malaysian jet thats kept the news media on it’s toes for weeks now. Chances of finding this flying machine and the magnificent men who were in the cockpit when it went off the radar are nil.

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