May 11th, 2014

The recent fracas regarding this circus clown in Nevada who owes the government a million and a half bucks for allowing his cows to graze, and destroy, federal land brought from the cracks in the floorboards of idiocy these cretins who form militia groups because they fear the government may someday round all of us up into slave labor camps, torture us, make us eat grass clippings, and sleep on cement floors. They hate all government but are the first to wave copies of the Constitution in order to justify their mad behavior.

They drew down on Federal land management authorities with their assault style weapons, pointing them directly at sheriff’s deputies who under other circumstances, such as a schizophrenic kid waving a Glock .40 on a college quad, would have blown them away with bazookas. Why the deputies didn’t shoot these militant morons troubles me deeply. Are we to assume that law enforcement, when faced with deadly threats from locked and loaded Christian kissing armed insurgents, are reluctant to do their duty because it might inflame local nitwits? Are they afraid of the blowback from even more of these armed cockroaches?

I’ve never known a militia member who was an atheist. The common thread weaving through the addled minds of these dunderheads is a strong belief that somehow, in some disturbed, psychotic malfunction of reason, that Jesus is on their side, that their Lord and Savior would also slip a clip into an AR-15 assault style rifle and confront the Federal Bureau of Land Management in a showdown only to prove the superiority of God over government.

I was in the military. I was exposed to many of these throwbacks who mustered all the combined intelligence of clams on the half shell and who believed killing “gooks” in Vietnam was the duty of all who’d pledged allegiance to the flag, even though the Vietnamese people posed no threat whatsoever to life, liberty, and the pursuit of madness in America. Next time these militant morons point deadly weapons at the chests of law enforcement, hopefully those who wear the badge will perform their duty to serve and protect by putting these mad dogs down unmercifully. Otherwise, militias will continue living out their ignorant paranoid lives threatening not only the laws of the land but the people governed by those laws.

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