June 12th, 2014

I don’t have children but one of the lessons I would instill in them is that cops, police, troopers, whatever the hell you want to call them, are not their friends. They’re armed enforcement goons for the established order of authority and will fight on the side of capitalism given any unionized skirmishes. Cops never say, ” Enough with corporate caused pollution, enough with ripping off the markets, enough with taxpayer bailouts, enough with abusive working conditions and cheap, third world health care. Enough with multitasking for lower wages or no raises at all.”

When unions organize to protest unjust working conditions the cops take the sides of the VP’s, the SVP’s, and the pirates of industry who make our water undrinkable, our food inedible, our air unbreathable. Not once in our history have these paid corporate enforcers ever taken the side of the working man. They sit outside bars at closing time, hoping to catch someone dodging a pothole so they can pull them over for DUI. hassle them, make them perform tightrope walks, recite the Koran backwards, or other confusing tasks that even sober motorists would find challenging. I have neuropathy. I can’t put one foot ion front of the other without tumbling sideways. I don’t drink but God forbid I get pulled over on suspicion of DUI.

Cops get away with murder. No one forced them to become police officers. They volunteered.What kind of psychopath enjoys making the lives of others miserable? When a cop dies while on duty, funerals resembling military parades are held with other cops taking a few hours off and using up a few taxpayers dollars per hour to join the endless procession of grief. Remember. Cops have guns. They shoot unarmed lawbreakers and get away with it. If an unarmed perp suddenly rushes them, they’ll pull out their 9mm weapons and blow him away. They’ll be put on paid leave until the issue is resolved, most of the time in their favor. What about using the martial arts to subdue the attacker? Train them in Aikido or other non-lethal defensive skills. If a dog snarls or barks at them, they shoot the family pet.

To say the police are out of control is only a mild assessment of these very dangerous people. Notice they never smile. Try to engage any one of them in a friendly conversation and they eyeball you as if you had C4 with a fuse wired to your chest. They show up after Aunt Mildred is mugged. They show up after the crime is in progress or has been committed. To them, every citizen they’re supposed to serve is a potential enemy. They collect revenue, park in the breakdown lane of an Interstate, just over the top of a rise hoping to nail an unwary, speeding motorist. Do cops really join the department to hand out speeding tickets? To sit by the side of the road, jerking off, until the meters indicate an oncoming vehicle is doing ten miles an hour over the limit. Speed doesn’t kill. Not knowing how to drive kills. If speed killed, there wouldn’t be enough NASCAR drivers left alive to keep the sport intact. Same with the NHRA. Same with cops in cruisers speeding to an accident scene or robbery.

I have no sympathy for people who sign up for dangerous duty and then die doing it. None at all. If you’re afraid to die, dig a ditch or sell flood insurance. Don’t hide in the bushes waiting to nab motorists to meet ticket quotas. Don’t toss flash grenades into cribs maiming babies because you want to make a surprise attack on a suspected drug selling triple decker. Stop taking steroids you procure illegally to muscle up. Be courteous to the people who pay your salaries. Stop hot rodding around in your cruisers just for fun. Stop pulling over minorities because you “suspect” suspicious behavior because the occupants of the vehicle have their ball caps on backwards. Ever see a cop stop a white businessman in a three thousand dollar suit driving a Mercedes AMG and order him to stand beside his car with his hands on the roof on a 95 degree day? Ever see him making the same businessman sit on his ass on the asphalt with his hands around his knees while the cops toss his car?

Cops are bullies. They get off on the force of law that runs up their spines. They beat citizens senseless and get away with it. Once in custody, it’s not unusual for cops to abuse the prisoner, verbally or otherwise.The only thing that separates these bad boys( and girls) from the bad guys is the uniforms they wear. Some states even have a police officers Bill of Rights in place. Privileges cops have that the rest of us don’t. If the cops had their way, there would be no such things as criminal defense attorneys. But there are. Thats the real thin blue line that separates us from totalitarianism and the freedoms being stripped away from us every day by these disturbed psychopaths.

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