April 3rd, 2014

Anyone who’s been in the military knows deep down inside their regimented intestinal tract that the military in the United States is composed not only of the most ignorant among us, but the most disturbed as well.
There will be more shootings such as the one at Ford Hood because while the military sings a sweet song when it recruits it’s unsuspecting, often jobless, more often uneducated cannon fodder, it does nothing when it’s time for those poor souls to walk out the front gates of their last posting and back into the civilian world. Worse, many of these desperate people make the foolish mistake of walking down the aisle with someone they met after they enlisted, often time predators who can’t wait to get married. start a family, and have a man or a woman in their lives.

Think on your sins. Why do we pay people pennies to put their lives on the front lines? These recruits cant afford to support themselves much less a family. Those left behind while Dudley Do-Right marches off to Afghanistan have to rely on social services, live off of food stamps, and have family backup from family and friends. Meanwhile, out in the theatre, the madness of unnecessary occupation of foreign lands poisons the minds of those on duty, making them wonder just what the hell they’re supposed to be besides human targets for the armed religious fanatics snugged into the mountainous terrain of a piece of real estate no army in the world has ever been able to defeat.

My solution is simple. Pay military personnel $100,000 dollars annually once they’re deployed into combat. Pay them $50,000 dollars year for KP, guard duty, clerical work, maintenance, motor pool duty, and any other “hurry up and wait” pastime they’re assigned to when they’re not getting picked off one by one by those invisible snipers.

My suggestion is that members of the military spill their guts on what they believe to be the real fuck up of the armed forces. Wasted time, effort, and taking dumb ass orders from enlisted ignoramuses or officers too busy to really care for those under their command because they’re too focused climbing the ladder to a higher rank, to more elitist military status. Officers have their clubs. Enlisted men have theirs. Glaring class warfare. Make all men equal off duty and stop the silly saluting every time some goofball with scrambled eggs on their shoulders passes them by on base.

Knock off all the hoo-yah which makes these very brave individuals sound like the cast of Planet of the Apes. Educate enlisted personnel. Offer competent counseling, career guidance, and supervise new recruits tugging temptations to marry the first pair of breasts that winks at them at any number of bowery bars that encircle military bases. We’re in Afghanistan because Black Ops budgets need the income from the poppy fields they’re guarding so opium can be turned into Heroin and flood the European market with addictive drugs. Why else are we in Afghanistan. We went to war against Al Qaeda not the Taliban. The Bush cabal installed their oil El-Capitan Karzai in Kabul to run the show. He learned that he could make more from corruption than he could from attempting to bring solace and safety to the poor beaten down people in that god forsaken area of the world.

The military is a mixture of morons and entrepreneurs. A smoothie made from corruption and deception, swallowed by those too gullible to understand that what they’re signing up for has nothing to do with defending their country but protecting the business of warfare, something the United States has been engaged in for 221 years of it’s 237 years as a nation. Don’t expect to be told the truth. The myth of the military makes this country proud, more so to those fat assed, big bellied bozos sitting in the stands at a Patriots game, Americas way of letting these nit wits enjoy the impact of combat without having to do anything more than drink beer, get drunk, and find their way back into the parking lot after their football fiasco has ended. Too bad Americans aren’t as passionate about being engaged with their government as they are with professional sports to take out their frustrations instead of encouraging them to take back their country.

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