August 17th, 2007

Spooktown is an idea I have about a town that in the daytime is as normal as any other mid size American hovel. But at night, things go off the deep end. There are creatures, aliens, time shifts, even marriages get shuffled as easily as a deck of cards. In one such episode, children of married parents run the household, not the adults. In another, automobiles run the lives and the emotions of their owners, even starting their engines and revving them in anger while waiting impatiently for their passengers. This series centers around the Boom brothers who move to Spooktown ( spelled “Spouketown” on the roadsigns) and open a computer repair store. Their real intention, however , is to document the strange things that happen in the town after the sun goes down, since no one can remember anything about the previous evening once the sun comes up and everything is back to normal. Just who the Boom brothers are, where they come from, and who they really work for remains a mystery, one that the Spouketown chief of police intends to uncover.

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