Six Kids and Thugs in Blue

October 1st, 2007

It’s tough to gauge who to fear the most. Minority gang members with hip-hop explanations or thug cops who slam the faces of innocent black bystanders into the sheet metal of their gaudy, full dress Crown Vic pig pens.

Thats whats happening in Charlotte, North Carolina . Dare to be black and stand on the corner with your homeys around you and chances are America’s fascist enforcers in blue will pull to the curb and order you into the car . Should you refuse, they’ll get out and cuff you or run you down and throw you in jail until you prove to them you weren’t planning the overthrow of the Bush Administration or getting ready to rape the next underage female that passes by. I never had much use for cops. To me they enforce the code of the established order of business and profit that employs them to make sure the rest of us don’t ruffle the myth that America is the Home of the Free and the Brave instead of the Incarcerated and Cowardly. Incarcerated because most of the people in America’s new system of for-profit prisons are there for victimless crimes. Cowardly because almost no one in this shithole we live in has the guts to call the cops out for what they represent. While police in other nations walk the line between fascism and citizens’ legal rights of assembly and speech, America’s specious version of this self-righteous bunch of armed and badged thugs has no restrictions at all on their behavior when it comes to patrolling the streets. Cops simply do as they please and then lie about it either at the station house or, with palm on a leathery and beaten Bible, in court. And God forbid one of these assholes in blue dies on the job. Media goes berserk screen to shining screen with all the pomp and miserable circumstance of a police funeral. Excuse me, but aren’t these clowns carrying 9mm’s or more of firepower at their hip? What about the average working class American? Why is it more important to cover the funeral of an armed Officer of Fascism than it is the grocery store clerk whose only weapon is the hands he covers his face with as he’s shot dead in aisle four? The situation in Charlotte is indicative of the change in America from a country of phony rights and privileges to one of the authorized use of punishment and suppression of individual freedoms. We’ve lost our First Amendment rights now that we’ve institutionalized politically corrective speech. Our freedom to assemble, peaceably or in protest, is next. After all, six black or six white guys hanging around on a street corner is called “loitering” instead of “chatting” or “visiting”. No wonder kids don’t play outside much anymore. Six kids waiting on a swing set in a public park in LA. or the ATL are at risk of being harrassed and tossed in jail overnight by a gang of armed thugs called “police officers”. We teach our kids to respect the police. Why I don’t know? Maybe it’s to keep them out of jail for mouthing off. Maybe it’s to keep them caged in cowardice as the rest of this nation is when it comes to confronting authority and the abuse of that authority codified in America’s tribute to money and power. And to let them know that the perks of real freedom come with the pre-paid package of established privilege and consent that only wealth enjoys. How many billionaires, guilty of far worse crimes against all of humanity, can be found huddled in the corners of America’s gulag of privatized incarceration? Maybe thats the dialogue you need to have with your child if any of us are ever to breathe the winds of freedom instead of choking on the greatest of all deceptions; “to serve and protect”. To serve and protect those who can most afford it. The rest of you can go fuck yourselves.

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