October 3rd, 2007

Amber alerts. Frantic breaking news tags in dangerous lettering. America interrupted while we chase down the Pervs. Register the sex offenders. Make them put up a huge lit yard sign that lets people know in Big Red Letters that a hideous Perv haunts the house. Tell your kids that Evil resides there and never go to that house unless another Perv is running you down and in that case it’ll be Perv against Perv and you’ll be able to run away while they battle it out. What is it that makes this country so goddam looney about sexual crimes and the desire to administer inhuman punishment on the Perps? What about deranged homicidal stalkers in leather masks weilding chain saws? The sociopath who enjoys injuring and maiming his or her victims? The torture loving billionaires who’ll pay warehouses full of money for the thrill of slicing young women’s throats with box cutters? Who delight in inflicting wounds on people while the victims scream in unimaginable agony. This happens in our new world of overwhelming umbrella media. While condemning sexual deviance, we encourage even more of it with our wrath and insistence on the most severe methods of retribution and punishment . Sexual crimes against childen occured among our primate ancestors. And when discovered, rather than imprisonment or death, Pervs were banished from the group and threatened with deadly consequences should they attempt to return to the fold.

As humans, people in America are obsessed by sex and they have been since that pack of fucking Puritans entered stage left and shoved guilt and abstinense down our Halleluiah chorusing throats. In doing so they destroyed the essence of sex. That its’ fun, delightful, thrilling. But most of all is that erotic heat that occurs . That winds its way around our spine and brings exstacy to ever noted thought. To every taste of ourselves when our mouths search in unrelenting passion for the fires burning in our stomachs, hammering our thoughts to shreds. Thats what scares those who’ve opted out for the “un fun” routine of beige sex. It appears they do all they can to avoid that glorious roar that occurs when two people tear at each to see who gets who down on the floor first, clothes coming off, recklesssy tossed aside. Thats the kind of sex many people are afraid of. The kind of ignored prescription for spontanaity that makes the bedroom a disaster area, a hotel room with pillows and sheets half way down to the floor. Thats the kind of passion few Americans enjoy because they believe it to be wierd or Perverted.

If a serial killer moves in next door, thats a concern. Make them put a sign up stating their chosen hobby of fileting people for fun. Or a hitman. “Need anybody whacked?” he mentions at the block party barbeque. Or maybe its’ a retired surgeon with a lust for extracting organs from strippers he hires for private parties. These are murderers. People who have no qualms blowing your forehead in half with .45. But because you’ve got a sex Perv nearby, simply murdering innocent people takes the back seat jump to sexual dalliance. Both are ruled by law, although our sexual restrictions are arbitrary , placed where we think they should be while other societies such as Japan recognize that young people are sexually aware need to be treated fairly, recognizing that not all behavior is abusive or out of line when young people, or even older adults engage in sexual romps that intend no harm or subjugation. Just the simple, searing lust of human sexuality. And it can happen to all of us. Dont ruin it by trudging through your affairs with a bag of guilt or embassment over what moves you sexually. And don’t molest children for your own selfish hesitations. Get help. Understand what it is about that sort of sexual want thats merely a selfish, not to mention illegal transgression upon your own sexual spirit. However, unasked for molestation happened among our ancestor primates. Their solution is to banish the transgressor from the gene pool. Perhaps that should be our solution as well. Banish these people from America and assure them if they try to get back in, they’ll be shot on sight. If this happened in the bonobo neighborhood, the transgressor would be ripped to shreds by angered family members.

Please do what you can to make eroticism the very flow of your being and you’ll bypass the unessessary grim duty of feeling somewhat reluctant to engage fully in who and what you are.

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