October 4th, 2007

I don’t care how many illegal immigrants pour into America. This country ran out of space in the early 1800’s. Since then its’ been all down hill especially for the eco-system thats now beginning to buckle and crack.

Anyone who’s ever opened a book knows America has always relied on a working underclass to support the struts of the now dwindling middle class that’s busy being overworked, underpaid, and ripped off by the 1% of the wealthy that hoard 95% of all the cash savings in America. In a stunning reversal of economic logic and tact, the consumer is being encouraged to cough up money they don’t have for stuff they don’t need. As a service economy blooms where unions once grew in massive numbers, consumers gaze at the advice of mega-wealth with suspicious disdain.

Now comes the Governor of New York with a proposal to give all illegal immigrants the right to a driver’s license. I have no problem with that. I accept change and suggest you do too. America has been dismantled purposely and until we reset the paradigm, any hysterical screaming and yelling about how illegal immigrants are taking jobs from American workers is just a backhoe loads worth of unimaginable bullshit. American workers? How many would-be apple picking American entrepreneurs do you know who even own a ladder, much less knowing how to climb up one to pick apples? The story is infamous among growers who hire illegal aliens at harvest time. ” Ive never had a native born American worker come to me for a job”, the grower says, “And if I lose my illegal work force I’ll be out of business. The apples just won’t get picked in time.” Fat-assed America is not about to bust a move on a fifteen foot ladder.

But these same fat-asses have no problem shooting off their uneducated, cloned minds by ripping into a class of people thats essential to keeping their ass comfortably afloat as well. The problem I have with Spitzer isn’t the most obvious issue at hand. My problem is that he figures by giving illegal people the authorization to secure and use a driver’s license is that these same people who have been driving without insurance because theyre illegal, will rush to Allstate the next day, check in hand, to bundle themselves up in a nice, comfortable policy that even guards against accidental idiocy. If I’m illegally in America, whats the chance that I don’t have my usual pot to piss in? 100%? And with little or no money, Spitzers’ delusional to assume I’m jones-ing for wall to wall coverage from the nearest insurance bandit. If I’m illegal, what good is it to get insurance when I can use that money for something else….like food or shelter or clothes for the kids. Human nature has it that if I’ve gone this long without insurance, why buy any when driving under the radar has worked just fine?

It’s obvious Spitzer hasn’t spent much time on the curb watching what goes by. Too many hours up there in that tower that looks down on all the rest of us. The ones he thinks will drop right into line like cookie dough. But I’ve got news for you Governor, nobody’s buying your lie. The logic escapes us and when that happens the obvious rises to the top. You want votes. You want to sew up the brown people inside your political coat pocket and keep them there as long as your ambitions to power flourish. You don’t care if they drive blindfolded. You just want them committed to you on the next ballot for whatever it is you seek.

Eliot Spitzer has no clothes on.The least he could do is get a tan.

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