The Heroin Pit

October 22nd, 2007

We all known Heroin is the F-Bomb of all illegal drugs. Of course, Heroin’s only been illegal for less than 100 years. The name “Heroin” is patented by the same company that makes Bayer aspirin. The first part of the word, “Hero”, means it saves you from the extremities of pain. Europeans took Heroin to relieve pain suffered from severe injuries or to recover in comfort from brutal early 20th century surgical procedures.

The United States says it wants to use herbicides to destroy the poppy crop from which the sticky tar that makes Heroin is derived. It doesn’t really want to do that. Not only will the Afghani farmers’ be pissed but so will the undercover U.S. government operations that allow for enormous amounts of the drug to be distributed throughout Europe. You won’t read about it in the papers here at home but there’s plenty of information to be gleaned from the foreign press regarding so called “Black Budget Accounts” that fund much of Americas undercover operations throughout the world. These accounts are kept secret from Congress for no other reason than that’s what the undercover agencies want. There’s nothing in the Constitution that covers drug trafficking accountability or a demand that these secret accounts be audited by Congress.

Use your head. With Afghanistan occupied by U.S. forces, directed of course by guys in suits and ties, how do you think Europe ended up being flooded by the largest amount of Heroin ever seen on European streets in the last 30 years? And why did the Russians nearly go broke trying to bust into Afghani territory in the 80’s? And who sent in secret ops to recruit Afghani fighters like Osama Bin Laden to battle the Soviets? Why? Why would United States Intel operations set up a fundamentalist religious madhouse just to chase the Russki’s back across the borders?

These questions are easily answered by following the money trail. And when you do that, as European governments have, you find it ends in a dark abyss of cover-up and death. Like digging through nothing and expecting to find something. A friend of mine ran across a contingent of United States Special Ops forces in the late 70’s who meandered around the growing fields in a loose contingent of armed guards, keeping those fields safe from sabotage by Afghani’s who resented the occupation. Now, American army troops giggle on film as they wander around the fields, weapons locked and loaded. After all, this is war. But just what kind of a war are we engaged in? Liberation or addictive subjugation? Ask the Europeans . They followed the money trail right into the espionage black hole where it vanished into another dimension of deceit and profit for America’s global ambitions.

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