October 26th, 2007

Outspoken, often times rude European leftists wonder aloud whether Americans’ have any clue as to the consistent outpouring of uncontested propaganda from the broadcast orifices of their deceptive multi-media outlets.

No. They don’t.

But first, let’s play with the term ” leftist”. Citizens’ of the United States who have never been outside their nation’s borders, much less their own tiny minds, think a leftist is a liberal shape-shifter who, when under the soft flourescent mojo of the moon, segues into a hirsute, barefoot Commie reeking of Lenin’s godless doxology. Educate these beasts and soon they’ll conspire to overthrow a government held hostage to one of two political cabals.

Someone asked me casually over lunch whether I liked Hillary Clinton. I imagine he meant the Hillary that’s currently rolling around in the hay for votes with compliant media supplicants and unenlightened wage slaves. Not the one who sleeps on her side of the bed when she turns away from Bill and whatever new wonky best seller he happens to be devouring.

I prefer the sleeping Hillary as opposed to the wide awake, work-shopped robot, threatening to throw the podium at any imagined assault on her veracity. How can I possibly “like” someone I know only from the biomass of broadcast fairy dust pixalating together in HD on the screen of my digital tv? If that’s the parameter, then no, I can’t stand Hillary.

Who could? Like all of her kind, she speaks in that alien, monotoned shout. As if she were channeling Teddy Roosevelt hollering from the caboose of a moving train. Fully aware of the fear all of them share of the small lapelled pick-up mic attached to their fashion focused power outfits, delineating in digitally amplified precision, every lying slip of their forked tongues.

We, the supposed “people”, don’t choose any of these monkeys now circling the pre-presidential debating rings of the media’s traveling one night freakshows

” How many of you don’t believe in evolution?”

The Left Bank blinks. Other Europeans try to shake the horror of what they’ve just heard. No other community on earth could possibly contain that many nitwits to get away asking such an idiodic question.

But proudly, three stand-up Christian patriots raise their hands and the rest of the world hurls.

“This is the 21st century, not the 4th”, screams one European as the images of God’s dutiful clones gather on the screen. “Are you mad?”

Yes. Americans are mad. Overworked lunatics with a combined national IQ of 4. Competitive at nothing but mindless consumption of manufactured crap. They’re furious with themselves for getting into this mess. With Empire sliding over the edge of a pale Asian horizon , Americans find it’s impossible to break themselves of the political hypnosis that renders them sightless and mute, unable to speak truth to power because frankly, they don’t know what that means. Vision quickly devolves into obedience, rendering them blind to their feckless leaders’ attempt to seize the government from underneath the checked red and white tablecloth of a blood stained, virgin Republic.

Still, the three volunteering blowjobs in dull grey business uniforms wish to contentiously dispute realistic application of theory to the disillusionment of theocratic belief. Better to come to blows over aeronautic assumptions and the belief that aircraft really don’t fly than to waste time arguing about the accuracy of millions of years of evolutionary evidence.

And while you chat, try not scaring the fuck out of the rest of planet by declaring pre-emptive terrorism. The rest of the world has figured out the American way. It’s time for Americans to do the same.

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