November 2nd, 2007

I’m watching one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve seen all week.

Bored out of my skull, I race through 100 million cable channels in under 30 seconds. My brain knows the drill. Numbers brimming with movies , bullshit, music, and more blur the bottom of the screen.

C-Span has a Republican Voter Focus Group discussion lead by a guy in a pullover blue sweater named Peter Hart . Asshole Voter #1, a tool with a slick butchered haircut made even worse by a pair of glasses grabbed from a lost and found bucket at the bus company, frowns into the camera, lecturing all citizens to obey the Constitution.

Good idea, Cheeta. Let’s start by getting rid of the two major political parties, the Repugnants and the Decepticrats, who’ve hijacked the nation with no constitutional right to do so.

The Founding Philanderers never envisioned political parties. In fact, if we resuscitated those old ghouls, they’d shriek like queens over the theft of the nation by a cabal of wealthy 1%’ers and paid off political frauds. They’ve stolen the Government of the People from the People. And they’re not about to give it back.

That’s why politicians shout in that idiotic, insincere monotone. Realizing everything they say is bullshit, they speak at the edge of rehearsed candor, coming across so focused they sound deformed.

And nobody, not the newspapers, television , or talk shows exposes this obvious con job. Instead, they pretend politicians know what they’re talking about even if it doesn’t sound like they do.

Think about that. Politicians never answer direct questions and no one in any media ever goes after them for it “in-person” because of the unspoken rule that embarrassing politicians” in-person” on television or radio will get you a flat “access denied” flagging the next time you want to suck up to them for illusional rating points As long as you pretend the whole goddamn scam is legitimate, you’ll have a job.

Just look at Tim Russert. Has he ever faced the camera with his flushed, rumply face and said to that tribe of Sunday morning mutants that tune in, “You know, those of you watching at home, that everything you’ve just heard is total bullshit and these assholes have no more intention of representing you than I have of dancing nude at a titty bar.”?

Russert crosses his eyes, makes a face. “The reason we pretend its all legitimate is that you people watching at home would take a cardiac dump if you learned the truth. I make a lot of money. I make a living getting paid for access. I better have a line of insiders and spinners set to go on Sunday morning or I’m fucked.”

You know this don’t you? You know it on the inside but don’t want to admit it to the outside. Because once you realize what’s actually going on , it’s tough to put it into words delightfully enough to enlighten others. And the reason for that is that no one wants to hear it anyway.

So on we march , trailing behind the Jolly Roger of this enormous deception and repugnant piracy.

Robert Anton Wilson said, “There’s not one conspiracy, there’s millions of them.”

The realization, that government designed for the United States was chopped and channeled to serve the privileged and the established, and is intended to remain that way until we’re invaded and the country is rearranged, will provide an answer to the insanity destroying your mind.

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