Economics 10@#$%^#$#1

February 6th, 2008

The weathiest 1% of the people in the United States have all the money. Its anally ridiculous to even recite the vaults of cash the upper 1% have reaped from the alcoholic decisions of a baboon from a wealthy Texas oligarchy. The disparity of income between that 1% of the wealthy and the rest of us is just another worried wrinkle away from speaking in tongues.

But it’s happened before and it will happen again and then we’ll all wake up and scream like blonde starlets in old horror movies when the shadow of the stalker grows larger on the wall at the foot of their bed in a room of gloomy accomodations. Capitalism is an enemy, not an ally of democracy. Capitalism is war, plain and simple. An ongoing quest to reap the most money from the least effort. All this bullshit about hardwork is to keep the people who pay the bills for capitalist plundering of a nations domestic assets in line with their mouths shut.

That is….until it all goes off the deep end. When capitalism gets cocky, it loses its perspective while being sideswiped by greed. It’s happened since the beginning of time and will continue until those most affected by its shortcomings decide that money is no longer a humane way to conduct human transactions.

That’ll happen after anyone reading this is dead, so I wouldnt gaze at that horizon for too long. But it does offer hope for further incarnations. I have a suspicious feeling that the more we fuck all this up while we so-called “exist”, the more our chances to land at this airport all over again and fix it. We may even be on some sort of cosmically rotating merry go round. Those in their sixties are the parents of their parents when those same parents were mopping up after WW2. And so on.

Now…the economy. The wealthy want the consumer to spend money so they can save theirs. They want to maximize their dividends even though it may crush the economic class bubbling just beneath them. Its simple greed. Its happened over and over so many times its a wonder anyone gets depressed about it anymore.

Management seeks to jusify its intrusion upon the vault of profitable talent by manipulating the venues available for talent to perform. Bribery, extortion, and other tools of by passing the mass of true believers worshiping the idol of the up and up allow these parasites to feed off talent much as bugs suck juice from plants.

In order to maximize all this grand theft, companies will occassionally can all their workers, raising the stock, thereby allowing executives to board flights out of here with yard bags full of cash and a buyout that will have them giggling all the way into retirement.

But now, as before, they realize that without the American workforce playing up to speed, their retirement bennys drop like jujubees at a grindhouse. As all the fuck ups before them gave managed to do, today’s arrogant assholes at the top of the human heap fail to realize that the engines of an economy dont’ run on billion dollar bonuses. They run on the confidence of the people you’ve crushed by taking away the perception of opportunity. Keep doing that, and we’ll see you on your way down. Thats karma pal, thats the real economics of natural rythym with the rest of the universe. One that doesn’t take this kind of a scam too lightly.

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