The First Black President

April 7th, 2008

Obama will not be America’s first black President.

We’ve already had a black President…as racially churned in the blender of black and white as is Obama.

Our first black President never mentioned his racial history because during the time he ran for office, America was on fire with racial epithets and an active Ku Klux Klan. Any mention of someone being of mixed race even thinking of running for the Oval office was political crucifixion. In fact, this President’s father’s 2nd wife divorced the old man because he was just “ too much of a Negro for her to endure.”

In his hometown of Marion, Ohio, race riots drove hundreds of black residents out. White race riots, white men armed with weapons, blew across the industrialized northern part of the United States as more black people moved in, following jobs and opportunity. These actions taken by whites assured segregation’s hold in mid-America until the Civil Rights Act of the 60’s. Even then, black people had a tough time. It wasn’t until black and white baby boomers mingled on college campuses together and shouted down the war in Vietnam that black people emerged as part of America’s mainstream.

Many ancestors of our 1st black President recount family stories of how this man remained under the racial radar. “He was “passing”, one of his relatives mentions, “whereas all of us were considered “colored”. In fact, most of the people who knew this President’s family always referred to them as “colored” people.

You may remember his administration as the one involving the Teapot Dome scandal when money was passed to his Secretary of the Interior for handing out oil leases in Wyoming to private companies.

And even if you don’t remember that, you’ve heard the name of America’s first black President many times throughout grade school. His family knows the history and now you do too. The history of the first black man to occupy the White House. A history known by all the descendants of the Harding family. The descendants of the 29th President of the United States….Warren G. Harding.

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