April 30th, 2008

You’ve seen this movie before.

The hero has a buddy, a kindly minister in a church let’s say, who performs the ceremony at his wedding, baptizes his kids, and hangs with him through his meteoric rise to fame. But then the best friend feels ignored, left out of the climb to the top. Jealousy raises it’s swollen, envious, alien eyes. Anger begins to kindle inside the minister until he can no longer contain it.

The minister starts to say nutty things, begins to get wild ideas about his own way to the top. As the hero goes about motivating new voters, he’s attacked by his female nemesis who is just slightly less powerful than he is.

Distracted by his opponent, the hero fails to notice the sudden rise of his former best friend, a guy now transformed into a Goliath of media power and attention. Announcing he plans to come out with a book that will tell the hidden truth about the people’s hero, this Super Villain blots out the media sun, casting the hero into a dark, uncertain dimension.

With the hero out of the way, his female nemesis begins to rise as if she had a pact with the Villain. Suddenly she realizes that she can’t take on the McCain and his Cyborg Wife, the people who want to rule the planet, without the hero’s help.

Together, they combine their powers to take on the McCain. Meantime, the Super Villain loses nuclear media energy due to a 15 minute of fame improvised explosive device, allowing the sun to shine across the land again.

This movie comes out November 7th, 2008. Don’t miss it. The buzz has been hot on this one.

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