The Crush

May 14th, 2008

90 million potential voters in the November election aren’t the least bit affected by negative campaign ads or race based fear mongering. They’re not concerned what Obama did during his early days in Chicago. John McCain’s seven year stint in a North Vietnamese prison camp means nothing to them . They despise Conservative economics and are more likely to unionize than wallow at the trough of corporate obedience.

90 million voters will live on less than their parents did and find fewer job opportunities. “Customer service representative” is one of the prime careers awaiting this massive voting hurricane.

Old dogs have enough trouble reading without glasses on their nose. They haven’t even noticed the pack rising behind them. Confident that they’re in control, the old dogs will trot out the hate campaigns and raise the colors of divisive political pandering in an attempt to lure voters to their candidate.

It won’t work. This new breed of voter is more informed, more connected, than the generations preceding them. They don’t buy into the hypocrisy of right wing ranting about the future of America.


They’re called the “Millennials” . They’re in their late teens to their early 30’s. and they number 90 million . They’re taking names and getting ready to kick ass. I’ve seen it coming. And I count myself among those fortunate enough to jam with this activated, bright, and very street wise generation.


Maybe, as suggested by Tibetan mysticism, generations loop around a large circle reincarnating groups of people into different eras. That analogy means the boomers were those party hogs that dominated early 1920’s America. Reincarnated, they began the party all over again. Demanding and selfish, the boomers ravaged the 20th century and led the way like locusts into the early 21st century.


But that explosion has been replaced by a generation that’s more like their great-grand parents generation, the ones that won a World War and set the pace for Americas global recovery from the depressive days of the 1930’s. And now they’re back, just in time to save America from the Bills and the Hillary’s their parents seemed so fond of yet brought them unconditional misery.


Bong hits won’t stop the Millennials from voting like they did their parents. These people are registered and ready. Turn on the lights, open the doors, and get out of the way. The Crush is coming to American politics.

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