Dangerous Nonsense

September 2nd, 2008

There’s no spin, anywhere intelligent life has crawled from the hot soup of the primal swamp, that will ever convince me that Sarah Palin, who by the way has lived on the surface of the moon most of her life, is qualified to be president of the United States.

She isn’t. You know it. I know it. And the whole world knows it. They think we’ve lost our minds. They know Mad Dog John is hopping up and down insane, whispered to by a secret cabal of 12 advisors, but this is so over the top, so goose loony as the Brits said Sunday, only deranged minds could come up with such dangerous nonsense as to accept the qualifications of Sarah Palin to become president of the United States.

Are you crazy? Do you think for an eye blink that we buy this crap, that a runner- up pageant queen with a Maytag sized lower body, the scolding voice of a banshee, and the waving arm of a clueless fashion model at a lingerie show, is qualified to duke it out with Putin, lower the deficit, and schedule appointments of attorneys and administration officials to the Justice Department?

How about putting a judge on the Supreme Court, declaring war, signing bills into law, delivering the State of the Union message to Congress?

Are you nuts?

At first, I thought I was hallucinating. John McCain, standing uncomfortably still on stage, fiddling with his wedding ring, introduces the governor of Alaska, the family values candidate with the now pregnant, unwed, 17 year old daughter. If it was a Democrat in the same predicament, the right wing scolding would begin bombing runs at midnight tonight. Instead, loyal evangelist Republican hypocrites just shrug their shoulders and mutter something about “life happens. Get used to it.”

Get used to it? I thought we were supposed to hunt down Satan’s army of pregnant teens and recruit them for Jesus so they could raise babies in the arms of the Lord instead of the claws of the Dark Prince?

This IS dangerous nonsense. God only knows what she’ll say and what kind of cleavage and leg she’ll flash for the debates. This woman has all the brain mucus of a fungus soaked toe nail. And the thought that she could be president in a whisper of the wind of death should crawl up your spine and hug your brain until your eyes pop out and you see the light before Putin does.

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