March 15th, 2011

I havent written on this site for quite some time because I’ve been measuring the end of days along with my friend Black Ted. I’ve been through the medical marijuana washing machine which is really a bogus chant in an attempt to get weed legalized and as usual the United States of Amerika takes its time to make up its venomous puritanical mind about what to do about anything and everything.

As this is written, Japan is a mess. Looks like a twenty two story two year old had his way with a tinker toy town made out of sticks and toothpicks. Its apparent that given the piddly amount of aid we’ve given to Japan compared to what we gave Haiti after their earthquake that Amerika is still blessed with Japanophobia, a condition that tells the brain that if we aren’t careful, these guys from that teensy little island near the greater Asian continent will outrun us and out think us and out produce us.

And they will because their not as fat or as out of shape, or as ego driven as Amerikans are. They value thought over brawn and softness over tempered aggression. And now they’ve got a country to rebuild which will mean more investment in Japan and less investment in the United States. Either way, Japan gets to hold the pole position for now.

Good news. I still have a job. 65 and Im still going to work, still grabbing a ticket, still hopping on the 9 to 5 choo choo train.
Also being inducted into a very special group of individuals. I’ll let you know as soon as the people doing the inducting let me know when I can release it to the PUBLIC. I know what it is, and so do a few others. Quite an honor, but after two decades of being Number #1 in the market in the time slot and doing talk radio as well, I understand the award.

Awards freak me out. They’re like Christmas presents. I cried when they told me what it was. I couldn’t believe anyone would ever step up and nominate me. But they did and to both of them, I am grateful.

The new book is titled ” Dreams Die”. I’ll publish a page or two and see how you like it. Haven’t done anything on “Death is Certain”. Good idea. Good ending. I just don’t get the middle of it yet.

I’m on Cymbalta, Risperdone, sleeping meds, and other candies that help me sleep and keep me from being mentally paralyzed. I’m stronger physically, but emotionally devastated. So one Chi hopefully balances the other. Also, I need cardio and I hate cardio. Cardio is clumsy. But its proven to make you feel better mentally. Less depression, fewer rushing thoughts.

I need the kind of cardio I get riding the waves on the reef in Belize. I also need the money to afford the flight and the rent on the Caye. I don’t have either. Paying off my credit card debt. Downsizing. Meds help with the pain.

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