March 23rd, 2011

I heard a Conservative talk host say that all students should be forced to stand for the national anthem. That anyone who didn’t stand be taken from the classroom and sent home from school.

Despite the fact that the anthem in question is a lousy song with stilted lyrics and an inviting operatic ending few singers can resist taking advantage of, this baboon says students must be “forced” to stand.

No American stands for anything he doesn’t want to stand for. I don’t want to stand for the national anthem and i don’t want to hum or sing it either. I don’t like the song and I don’t get that “rockets red glare” crap. What do bottle rockets have to do with getting your tax return in on time?

Re-write the national anthem. Put words in there that mention us as the world’s police department. Tell every country on Earth that they better behave or we’ll use some of that trillion dollar artillery American taxpayers foot the bill for to blow little spits of sand to bits. Put words in there that we’ll never pick on someone who can ass kick us back into the stone age. Countries like China and Putinville. Put words in there that will salute the coalition between business and government. Put words in there about the two party system, the only democracy in the world with just two political parties to choose from.

I’d rather see people forced to stand for Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Lovin'” than the pathetic dirge we choose to sing, insanely enough, right before the commencement of combative sporting events. And being forced to stand rubs against the grain of everyone who still knows what its like to feel free once and a while. Forced to stand up? Perfect epilogue isn’t it to what Jefferson feared most. A coalition of power by government and business. The business of Fascist radio and the subtle Plutocracy that still masquerades successfully as a Democracy.

On a scale of world wide free countries, we rank 11th. That certainly casts doubt on our President as the President Emeritus of the Free World. More like the leader of the 11th freest gulag on Earth.

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