March 26th, 2011

When a series of days we call weeks seem to go by quickly, its true. They do go faster, or slower, depending upon all kinds of cosmic factors we haven’t even begun to investigate yet. Rotation of the earth, the bending of light, the “gravity web” the earth bounces up and down in. These factors can either speed up or slow down the passage of the week. Time doesn’t rotate in a circle like it does on a clock. This week passed quickly for me and others I’ve spoken with. Perhaps it did for you too.

My friend Blake Masters, the executive producer of Law and Order: Los Angeles loves working with Fred Molina and says he may well be one of the best actors he’s ever worked with. You may remember Mr. Molina’s performance as Doctor Octopus in the second Spider Man film. Blake also has published a comic book called Insurrection V3.6. The first issue is due out soon. Law and Order: LA will return in April.

The projected profits from medical marijuana dispensaries in this country is expected to top 50 billion dollars. Last years sales were also in the billions. A boon for state coffers and a hint of forthcoming legalization.

Amerika is the 11th freest country on earth.

NHRA racing is one of the 100 things you must see before you die. 8,000 horsepower fuel cars. 310mph in 4 seconds. Too fast for the human eye to focus. Nearly impossible to photograph. The sound of those engines raises your endorphin levels. Thats why people get addicted to the races. Check out my friend Bob Tasca the 3rd’s blog at Tasca

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series is the best fiction in the genre. Period.

Read all the Travis McGee novels by John D. MacDonald. McDonald didn’t start to publish until he was in his 50’s.

Rent the movie, “Case 39”.

I like to talk during movies. So does my friend Black Ted. We sit together, separate from our snooty friends who don’t want to hear what it is we have to say although Ted will occasionally shout out, “Oh My God!” at the appropriate moment, loud enough to muffle the sound of a jumbo jet landing at Logan.

i’ve lost all interest in Obama. I had hope. I bet you did too. Conservative or Liberal or Independent, we had hope. Hope is what got Obama elected. The Amerikan people don’t trust politicians. They pretend that its legitimate but in their hearts they know politics is a con job. Obama has consistently reenforced that unpleasant fact.

What if there were a medication that could alter what happens to you in life. A med that puts you in the right place at the right time with the right idea.

Most people don’t know it, but other countries have much better gasoline that Amerika does.

Its only fair that as long as we celebrated a dead man’s 100th birthday ( Ron the Ray-Gun) that we celebrate the 100th birthday one of the world’s great street savvy political imps. So Happy 100th Birthday Abbie Hoffmann whenever it is.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Trifecta. Wonder who makes all the profit off those poppy crops in Afghanistan that eventually end up in European brick alleyways as Heroin. We all know who makes money off the oil. In fact, its in the interest of the oil business to keep the unrest bubbling in oil producing nations in order to keep profits high. You know the pipelines will remain open. Thats why why have airstrikes. We’re disabling the ability to turn off the spigots. We could care less whether civilians get blown up or not.

The state of Rhode Island, one of the most corrupt asylums on the continent, plans to eliminate the right of caregivers and patients to grow in order to direct business to the 3 new approved , privately operated dispensaries. For patients, its a cruel and heartless money grab.

Sunday television sucks except for CBS Sunday Morning.

73% of the Amerikan people do not know what the Cold War was about.

Theres more radioactivity in Japan than the authorities would have us believe. Some of that radioactivity may end up contaminating soil and water in Oregon and California affecting our food and drinking water resources.

If Amerikans protested in the streets as the Europeans do over wage demands and reforms, we’d all be thrown in jail.

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