March 27th, 2011

Why does Amerika have only two political parties? Civics lessons aside, and history hoisted on a petard, isn’t it natural for all democracies to create more than two political parties? To have more tentacles reaching into the hearts and minds of the inattentive citizenry?
Of course it is. So the reason we have only two powerful political parties, even though independent voters outnumber registered party members, is because two powerful political parties put into place regulations that build moats around any intentions of a third party to become mainstream. Its so fundamentally diabolic. School systems stress nationalistic unity at the expense of individual freedoms and few notice.

Amerikans are so devoted to the two party propaganda that any hint of a third party is brushed aside by innuendo and rumor as being ineffective and a waste of a precious right to vote. Lots of democracies have more than two parties. Those democracies don’t waste their votes. Citizens vote for coalitions, forcing political parties to work together rather than be allowed the staged bluster of argument and rhetoric Amerikan politicians use to distort their true agendas.

Amerika loves the singular solution to complex problems. It has to do with the pace Amerikans are forced to endure by financial circumstances. The Amerikan economy functions best when its inhabitants are spending but if that happens, then savings plummet and personal debt soars. If a recession occurs, things get worse yet neither political party seems capable of doing anything to boost economic relief for those who need it.

Rebuilding Amerika is a no brainer. New York City is in shambles. Chunks of concrete chipped from bridge supports litter the roadways. Asphalt is rutted and in need of financial aid. High speed rail remains a daydream.


Because neither political party cares, thats why. Their agenda is otherwise. They work together to bluff the public. Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention anything about the bi-polar dominance of just two political parties.

I’ve never had a president or congressman ever address the issues most important to me and I’ll bet you haven’t either. I don’t know if it does any good to complain, email them, or call their offices. But I do know that I’ll be worm castings before we have more than two political parties that are really nothing more than evil reflections of a single insidious spirit.

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