April 11th, 2011

I read a lot of books about writing books and the best ways to get those books written . The best advice is write and forget about the anxiety that keeps you from opening your mind and writing. The mind can’t open itself. If it could it would. It will, however, open up once you begin to write, whether its fiction or non fiction. What keeps me from writing is the idea that I won’t be able to write as well as I did before and somehow because I feel that way, the writing wont be as creative as I want it to be. I’ve since found out that just by writing, the creativity takes care of itself. Creativity is not so much dependent on motivation from the mind as it is by simply putting one word after another onto a screen or into the empty spaces between the lines on a pad of paper.

I write whether I feel like it or not. More than likely I’ll feel like it after writing a simple sentence. That leads to another sentence and so forth and soon it’s all aggressively engaged despite my previous apprehensions.

I write everyday. Not because I feel driven to write every day but because its fun. Most of the time I have no idea where the ideas I write about will lead which is just as intriguing to me as I hope it is to the reader. I’m as much a part of the adventure as the reader is. I assume thats the lure of most fiction to the successful writers of the genre. They cant wait to see what happens to their protagonist. I have no idea whats happening to the character in the book I’m writing now and i don’t intend to find out until it’s time for that character to decide for himself. The character in my book is a separate entity than I am. As his character develops, so does his destiny. I’m anxious to find out and I hope the readers are eventually as anxious as well.

I’m provoked to write because it feels good. Especially when words work effortlessly to convey thoughts and convey those thoughts in a way that makes me feel complete.

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