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July 11th, 2007

Amsterdam is a fortress defending itself from those who seek to limit its impulse to dabble with the forbidden and the profane.The canals that ring the city defend its physical perimeters as well as its metaphorical perimeters. Amsterdam is a collage of neighborhoods scrapped together with no apparent zoning codes or restrictions. Walk the uneven bricks that pave the sides of the single canal and you’ll notice psychiatrists’ offices next to the world’s most exclusive brothel next to a Greek deli next to a kid with a bike and a pair of beat up converse kicks next to a publishing magnate in his 3-plex.
While the rest of the Netherlands may stir the same stew as other nations do, pretending to be free while trying to subdue the fidgeting of its subjects, Amsterdam boldly experiments with amusements others are denied.Tolerating the smoking of marijuana and hashish for instance. Understanding that a man might fancy a blow job on his way home. Letting gay people frolic in their own public park. Trusting its citizens to buy train and tram tickets without having to leap hurdles of bureaucrats taking tickets and checking passes.Visit Amsterdam with me…. Here on this website. I’ll have my laptop in the coffee shops with me and I’ll introduce you to the people who endeavor daily to sell the best herb on Earth.

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