Amsterdam Eating

July 16th, 2007

When you travel alone you want food that feels
comfortable. Not some overpriced trendi nonsense that
satisfies your love for a great meal like a hooker satifies
your desire for a life partner

You want a great meal and one of the ways to get a
great meal in Amsterdam at prices that could be doubled
what they are because the food is so delicious is La
Madonna. It’s an italian restaurant on the busy Nieuwendijk near the singel canal.

For large groups, make arrangements. Reservations
aren’t required. this place is so good I could open one in
Belize and be a millionaire in a month. I could serve
this food anywhere people want to wrap their appetites
around homemade garlic bread, dip in tnto a bowl of
their phenomenal minestrone soup, then order some more
garlic bread and have it with La Madonna’s
basil, oil, and garlic sauce mixed with fresh macaroni. A cold
bottle of spa water makes this one of the most satisfying
meals youll have on Earth. I wish I was exaggerating,
then you could have an excuse for dismissing me as
being over the top, but I’m not .

When it’s time to treat yourself without guilt to one
of the great kitchens in the city, La Madonna will be
waiting for you, phone 020-620 53 25.

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