Rebuild America

July 19th, 2007

Two things happened yesterday that brought the current crises in Iraq together with the current crises in America.

America is falling apart. The infrastructure of this country is crumbling and no politician or government apparatchik will do anything about it because neither represents the interests of the American People.

Political corruption doesn’t exist anymore. Politicians are so indebted to their big money contributors that it’s impossible to see corruption as anything else but business as usual. And the one thing business is careful about is the bottom line. And that means making money.

But how much money can be made fixing the pipes and the water delivery systems and the bridges that span America’s rivers? Not as much as the profits to be made rebuilding a country we’ve bombed into oblivion.

A man died in New York City yesterday following the explosion of an underground steam pipe. At the same time, some military goober was on the news talking about how we’re rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq. How we’re putting bridges back into place and restoring essential services. And we’re doing this in a country that hates our guts for the grief we’ve brought to its people.

It’s ass backwards. And it will continue to be that way until the lights go out once and for all across America. We have the electrical grid of a third world country. Our bridges are on the verge of collapse, and as one European visitor told me recently, our rail system is one of the most decrepit operations she’s ever encountered.

Profits are creamed off the top and never reinvested. A European company supplies much of the power on the East Coast. What incentive do they have to repair and upgrade something so essential as to being able to light our homes at night?

Meanwhile, military loud mouths are braying like belligerent asses over the remarkable progress being made in rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure. It’s time for these goons to come home and pay attention to their own backyard and forget about rebuilding a country for the sake of a platoon of suits and ties who use America only as a staging area for their next profitable assault on the rest of the world.

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