Coffee Shop Ben

July 20th, 2007


Simple name. Nothing spacey. And Ben is a friend. He’s one of the nicest people I know in Amsterdam.

Ben’s in and out during the day. If the sun’s shining, he might be relaxing at one of the small tables outside of the coffee shop, with friends or by himself.

Ben’s rearranged the interior of the shop, making access to the polished black tabletops and comfortable cushioned seating easier than the previous configuration.Separating the counter where Ben offers some of the best pre-rolled joints in the city is a long, colorfully lit aquarium. Drinks are available and if you stay at the Golden Tulip Inntell( which has free Wifi) you can pop into Ben’s to smoke a joint, have some hash, and ask for a large hot black coffee before you hit the streets. And Coffee Shop Ben makes a great retreat to chill and watch hi-def TV while you juggle your thoughts.

Say hello to the staff. They’re friends of mine and they’ll be glad to help you. They’ll roll joints on request from their selection of weed and tuck some hash in them too if you wish. Coffee Shop Ben opens early (7 a.m.), seven days a week. If you’re taking the train or just waiting for transportation to schiphol, Ben makes a great place to hang until it’s time to go.

But you’ll be back. No one ever goes to Amsterdam just once.

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