July 26th, 2007

The secret of Belize is that amazing barrier reef. Fly into Belize City then hop a Mayan air flight to Ambergris Caye. Ive been up and down that beach and the best place to stay is Journeys End. If youre used to the cache of a place like Idle Awhile in Negril, youll be disappointed by Journeys End. The cabins are painted in pastel boat paints and are clean with three sets of windows in each one and small decks to sit outside and relax. The beds sag uncomfortably in the center meaning that whomever it is youre sleeping with will end up in a spooning position whether they want to or not. Suck it up. Youll get used to it in a couple of nights. And while I think of it, plan to spend at least ten days here. Anything less and youll kick yourself in the ass for not heeding my advice.

If you want a sugar sand beach, go somewhere else. The beaches of Ambergris Caye are interupted on occasion with littered scrub lands , trashed with empty plastic containers, blown flip flops, and scattered debris. Then itll clear and youll have a taste of beach and then another mess of undergrowth and well packed dirt path.

But you dont come to Ambergris Caye for the beach or the saggy beds. You come here for the reef. And ill tell you all about it in the next chapter on Belize here at

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