July 28th, 2007

only 20% of Americans have passports

if an Amish man has a beard, it means he’s married.

because of estrogen, mosquitoes bite women more often than men.

tuna fish never stop swimming. the average tuna can cover millions of miles in an average lifetime.

human birth control pills work on gorillas.

Napoleon numbered all the buildings and homes in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The average four yeaar old child can ask an average of four hundred questions a day.

The sun is eight and a half minutes ahead of where you see it.

theres a 95% chance you will never have a nightmare while sleeping in a hotel room or while on vacation.

every United States President who wore a beard was a Republican.

theres no sand in sandpaper.

oooo grade steel wool can be used to polish the windshield of your car.

Jesus was born in August, not December.

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