August 4th, 2007

This space is for my ideas and your ideas.

Most of these ideas have to do with things i’ll never get around to writing or performing. Much of it will be ideas for movies or mini series or books. If the idea is posted here…its up for grabs. If you can make some dough off of the idea…go ahead and use it. Its yours. No restrictions, no nothing . Be the first to copyright whatever it is you use and enjoy whatever financial rewards you receive. Have a great life while youre at it.

Heres one of those ideas.

The mini series or book or is called “The Gods”. Its still the 21st century. Everything we have today is still the same. Except for one thing. There are Gods, just like the Greek, Roman, or Viking Gods. There are American Indian Gods and Hindu Gods, you name it. Occassionally their visage will form in the clouds, a three dimensional reminder that a particular God is passing thru. When that happens, worship is proper. And that screws up our lives. Dont mistake, the Gods can fuck with us in ways unimaginable. Thats why mankinds unitary quest is to capture a God. When that happens, we even the score. Trouble is, no one knows how to capture a God. Thats why an elite team of researchers has formed to find an answer.. And they better hurry up because the Gods are pissed at an indiscretion caused by an American Vice-President. An indiscretion that impacts all of humanity. By the way…the Gods cant see or hear airplanes, birds, bats, or anything that flys thru the air. They can only see or hear what is on the ground, not what is between them and the sky.


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