Heroes or Poltroons?

September 9th, 2007

The ranking officers of America’s current military command are either distinguished representatives of service to ones country by honor and sacrifice; or they are liars and vainglorious poltroons with all the flag waving ethical hoo-yah of tree weasels.

We’ll see who shows up at the banquet when General Petraeus (isn’t it odd that his last name sounds like Betray-us), George W. Bush’s boot-licking lackey, presents his three act play on the progress of the surge of troops in Iraq to a Congress that doesn’t intend to do anything anyway for fear of jeopardizing the ’08 elections with any kind of debatable integrity. Will truth speak to power or will it be spun and twisted sideways so that no one, even the most intent critic, will understand a single word of what is delivered by someone so indebted to the Bush Doctrine of throwing ourselves out the window just to prove to the rest of the world that we’re not afraid of them?

Problem is, General, the rest of the world is afraid of us. And that’s not good. And we’ve got Rudolph Giuliani stoking Republican war council bonfires with bitter, angry rhetoric that the citizens of America are just as much to blame for our losses in Iraq as the Bush Administration. This wretched sknbag of human deceit shouts that he saved as many victims of the 9/11 criminal assault as the brave men of the underpaid and overworked New York City Fire Department even though all he did was escort foreign dignitaries to a viewing perch overlooking the contaminated, asbestos fumed rubble of Ground Zero. He hammers the citizens of this country for turning our backs on a war that a six-pack of unscrupulous liars cooked up in the kitchens of a compliant media that had us out of Iraq within six weeks of the invasion. If you don’t believe me, look it up. It’s all there. From the silver spooned, cocaine crusted lips of a Presidential drunk, to the slack-jawed outright lies of the then Secretary of State, Colin Powell, everything the American people were told was completely fabricated by a cabal of criminals here on our own White House grounds.

I’m more concerned about the safety of the American experience in the hands of these home grown political terrorists than I am of some fragmented group of Islamic cells operating secretly in an America they probably enjoy now more than ever. After all, what citizen of Earth wouldn’t be more interested in the bio chemical make-up of Lindsay Lohan’s bodily fluids than waging war against the nation from which she was dutifully spawned and groomed?

So we’ll see what General Betrayus has to say. But frankly, I wouldn’t buy a word of it. This lease has gone on too long. And the vehicle it covered is broken and useless to anyone but Halliburton’s billionaires who intend to drive it completely into the ground.

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