Sky Gods

September 21st, 2007

I’m an atheist in the sense that religion is made up by Man and not an inherent part of the natural world. There is no temple in the woods where the deer gather to worship. Birds don’t flock to chorus with praises of hallelujah to the king of kings. There is no hierarchy issuing moral precepts for conduct among the species of the African veldt.

Throughout my life it became clear to me that all this stuff I heard about God and Jesus was made up by human beings. There was no evidence whatsoever that a grandfatherly deity dipped his hand out of the clouds and waved to us. No visage of Jesus commuting in a Camry or ordering a grande cappuccino at Starbucks to reassure us that indeed people who live up there in the sky occasionally grace us with their celebrity. They never show after millions suffer in misery and they’re not in the habit of sending bouquets in memory of our deceased loved ones.

Nothing these sky gods do seems to have any benefit at all for any of us except the charlatans who fleece money from worried sinners in hope their transgressions can be erased with financial bribery. And every time someone in the media makes fun of these divine fantasies, people who believe this ignorant swill rise up in rage that these invisible deities have been slandered and therefore must be avenged by the mortal might of the flock.

Let the gods defend themselves. Let them strike down Charles with 1700 volts of fingertip fury. Don’t be a coward, slyly suggesting that the god will find a more subtle way of dealing with my fate. Pray hard. Pray that I’m destroyed by the fury of Christian might. Pray that Jesus body slams me onto Hells canvas. That I never stalk the streets again with my blasphemous behavior. And don’t wimp out and pray for my soul because according to your beliefs, invisible sky gods are in charge of all that has and ever shall happen, so praying to change my destiny is a complete waste of your holy capital.

Why true believers find offense in my criticism of their ignorance and obvious inner guilt is something I find difficult to comprehend. If they are who they say they are, devotees of all that’s Christian and good in the eyes of God, then why be the least bit worried about my outspoken blasphemy and devilish disbelief? And please understand that although it’s called religion, it’s just another philosophy with critics and detractors . Why religion surmounts other beliefs in denying those who criticize it the right to do so stuns any reasonable discussion with underlying assumptions of deserved arrogance.

To Christians who find offense at the lampooning of their beliefs, you need to come to terms with the apparent lack of Christian commitment to that belief within your own tortured soul and take care of that malfunction before you resign the rest of us to your concocted, psychotic wish that we all rot in hell.

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