October 3rd, 2007

Sounds like the signature of a neo-modern artist doesnt it? Kadinsky. Or a Russian pianist. Or composer. But in fact the simple menu at these three exsquisitely subtle coffeeshops holds a fortune in smoking treasure for the enthusiast. Among other shop owners and workers, Kadinsky’s hash selection is second to none. If you scoot to the shop on the slender side street near the Van Haren store on the Nieuwendijk, you can buy hash and then go out the door , take three steps, and walk into Kadinsky’s restaurant and bar. There you can smoke, drink, and eat. This way, your beer drinking, cocktail swilling friends can sit with you and imbide while you puff puff pass. There is no alcohol sold in the coffeeshops anymore. You can get a glass of non-alcoholic beer, but no more of the real 10% brew thats hammered the night away for many visitors to the city. Say hello to Jeanine for me if you see her. Ask her to play Aaron Lewis’ “Bong Hits for Breakfast”, or simply enjoy the eclectric tracks Kadinsky’s is famous for. Small, intimate surroundings and a great staff make Kadinsky one of Amsterdam’s finest THC boutiques.

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