October 12th, 2007

Americans don’t vote because it’s not as fun as football, where the rules don’t bend and the game isn’t rigged. Americans don’t vote because we have no say whatsoever in choosing any of the lying and conniving assholes who want to go down on all the power queens’ loitering around the trough of hogwash called Democracy. Americans don’t vote because they know that after all the banners are down and the speeches go away and the promises are swept up off the convention floors, the people they voted into office will go right back to the hustle and flow of deal making and deceit that defines the American system of running the country right into the ground.

This country survives only as long as it turns a profit for it’s investors. The American people need to be proud that they’ve sacrificed their future at the altar of The Great Capitalist Con. That every American will have the opportunity to become as rich and as overpaid as the criminal class of CEO’s that have ruthlessly looted a clueless middle class in order to pay for their indecent salaries.

Americans don’t vote because they know they’re too busy, too distracted to pay any attention at all to the droning prattle of rhetorical bullshit pouring into their high definition lives. Americans don’t vote because they know the bankers slicing up media into their own personal blogs are filling infinite hours of cable programming with a warmed over gruel of pre-approved half truths and attention deficit explanations of why everythings’ running ass backwards. Americans don’t vote because they’re getting tired of supporting the economy of Earth.

Americans are whipped. Look into their eyes and you’ll see the embers of road rage, cultural exhaustion , and a grinning idiocy meant to ward off any intrusions of reality into their mesmerized lives.Americans haven’t the maturity of great nations that know better. Great nations that value the quality of life lived off the job, rather than the hours spent reeling in relentless Corporate boredom.

And when it ends, as it does for all nations who’ve pissed in the same pot we have, Americans will be way too busy putting it all back together to pay any attention at all to the next money making paradise picked for plunder by criminals as brilliant as any Holmes ever hunted down. We’ll grow herb in our rich midwestern, pesticide-fucking-free, black dirt backyards and read poems by Billy Collins under the soft twilight of beeswax candles.

We’ll make love more often and argue less about money. We’ll watch the sun drop down on Kansas and remember the time we spent wasting our wealth by being the most powerful punk on the block.

But we still won’t vote.

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