October 16th, 2007

The United States has never been a liberal country, socially or politically.

Check the facts. Read the reviews. Examine the state of mind of this aggressive, war mongering superpower. You’ll learn that the ideals of the so-called Founding Fathers vanished the day religious fanaticism returned to rule in the early 1800’s. In fact, the era of Founding Father Freedom for those most able to afford it, was short-lived, perhaps only a decade or so. During that period, religious mental illness was banished to the hinterlands by wealthy landowners who shunned the insane ideology of running government under God. Fear remains dormant for only so long. It’s awakened by those with the most to gain from an agenda of doubt and insecurity. Since the end of the era of Constitutional governance, the United States has evolved into a Plutocracy with a choice of either voting for a “hard” path of conservative dominance, or a “soft” form of the same conservative dogma. If you vote for Hillary, you’ll get the “soft” form of the same conservative, financially opportunistic status quo. Vote for Rudy, and you get the “hard” form.

Understand that every restriction on your freedom to choose or to speak or to write is ruled by the unwritten code of the status quo. Randy Newman wrote it best when he sang, “It’s money that matters in the USA.” Anything that threatens the money making status quo is yanked off the stage with the hook of censorship that permeates every aspect of our lying lives. Anyone who blames “liberals” for the nation’s woes is either a liar or a documented idiot. The few liberal landmarks that dot the political landscape of the United States were accomplished due to threats from a battered citizenry. Slavery saw thousands slaughtered on virgin American fields unused to being fertilized with blood and bone.

When over-zealous conservative based rape and pillage Capitalism slammed millions of Americans into the streets and lined up them up outside soup kitchens, “soft” line conservatives such as Roosevelt proposed a social safety net. From “soft” conservative activism, the nation institutionalized social security. When rednecks murdered marchers in Selma and other southern gulags, the Civil Rights Amendment made it’s way to the desk of the former “hard” conservative linebacker, Lyndon Johnson.

Soft or hard conservative government. It’s your’s to choose. Unfortunately, how you vote, despite the current zah-woo of resolving a 2 trillion dollar fuck fest in Iraq, will depend more upon your employment rather than deployment status in an American workplace that promises nothing but misery ahead for those too young to understand. For those who see the wall instead of the light at the end of the tunnel, they’re lucky. Most of them are due to retire before the storm hits. And when it does, I plan to be riding the waves in my yellow, two seater Ocean kayak off the Great Western Barrier reef in Belize, my retirement dollars safe in the zipped inside pocket of my black nylon trunks.

P.S. The cheap chicken dinners at Elsies in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is way cheaper for frugal boomers than the early bird specials on Collins Avenue.

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