November 10th, 2007

Want to go to Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve with me? Liberty Travel has an affordable package set aside for anyone wishing to spend New Year’s Eve with a bunch of us who attend the Greatest Party On The Planet in Europes undisputed destination of sin, sex, and celebration.

Kids throw cherry bombs at cops and the cops turn around and smile. La Cantana lights off a string of M-80’s that blow for 20 minutes and spread red paper debris across the facades of nearby buildings. Bras are taken off in Dam Square and tossed into the air amidst lazer beams, skyrockets, and surface to air missiles. Italians buy magnums of champagne, shake them with both hands, pop the corks, and soak the crowd in gallons of spent Cristal. A couple hundred thousand people, bodies pressed together making love, move to Trance and House thundering from banks of huge outdoor speakers. Booths surround the perimeter offering beer and more bubbly to those who can navigate through the sea of swaying human beings. Clouds of smoke, the size of football fields, marinate the air around you with the sweet smell of the World’s Finest sensimilla.

New Year’s Eve ranks just behind Queen’s Day as the two premier events no European hedonist will miss. Few Americans attend because most aren’t even aware of this platinum class explosion. The air fare and rates are fair, considering the worthless value of the Bush Family dollar. I suggest you book now if you plan to attend. I’m at the Sofitel Amsterdam. I’m there from 27 February 07 thru January 2 of 08. If you wish, ring me up. The front desk will take my messages if I’m not in my room, and I’ll ring you back. No charge for my smoking tour of the city during New Years, so take advantage of that and feel free to hook up with the rest of us. A great group of people from professionals, singles, couples, and people in the entertainment industry.I’m trying to coax my friend Ethan Embrey from Showtime’s “The Brotherhood” to join us as well, but with the Writer’s strike in bloom, working pros like Ethan batten down the hatches until the storm is over. Should “The Brotherhood ” be picked up for a third season, I’m sure Mr. Embrey and his lovely wife will jump on board our express just to celebrate. If you haven’t seen the 1st and 2nd seasons of this well written series of intrique, politics, murder, sex, and betrayal , order it now. The grit and texture of The Brotherhood is raw and realistic. More truth than the fiction The Sopranos often inflicted into the realism of life in the underworld.

If you want more information, please ask for Gina at Liberty Travel. Tell her you want information on the Charle’s trip to Amsterdam for New Years Eve. The phone is 401/421-8400.

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