November 19th, 2007

Here’s a true asshole, genetically engineered by America’s phenomenally disabling attention deficit disorder.

But more than most assholes you’re familiar with, this conniving prick crusades to eliminate any last remaining notions of “personal freedom” in a nation driven mad by it’s relentless devotion to authoritive capitalist warfare.

Combine the lust of this confused Fascist closet queen with his desire to seize the nation and install a ruthless police state and you understand the lengths to which this frightened control freak will go to certify his smug psychotic ambition by ascending the throne of the Imperial presidency.

According to the former Dictator of New York City, firemen are pussies when compared to his courage and unselfish devotion- placing himself in the way of network video feeds as he heroically holds a dental tech’s mask over his nose while his lapdogs lope loyally behind, pawing through the windy mists of poisonous asbestos and infective waste.

The smug strut of the Hero of 9/11, undeterred by imminent danger, surrounded by death and destruction, shall not be denied his fifteen minutes of future campaign footage.

Because thats about the amount of time Our Hero spent in the streets when compared to the relentless bravery and undaunted effort made by the men and women of the New York City Fire Department to save and retrieve every single human life they encountered. As these real heroes tore through the debris and destruction of the greatest criminal attack in American history, this arrogant, unamerican traitor posed on the observation platform high above Ground Zero, safe from the pollutants and toxins killing rescue workers and their dogs as they combed through the smoldering landfill of rubble, searching for any sign of life.

To campaign gleefully without shame that he deserves the same respect given police, fire, and rescue teams who put their lives on the line that day contorts reality’s posture into poses unseen since the days Goebbels scored oom-pah-pah bullshit for Third Reich con artists.

If you bump into this would-be dictatorial, wanna-be cocksucking fraud, make sure you tell him what hundreds of New York City firefighters say when they hear his name mentioned.

“Guiliani can go fuck himself.”

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