November 23rd, 2007

He sees the change coming and he wonders why no one else does? He sees the homes for sale, the ones people walk away from because they can’t afford the payments. He sees the pictures of the kids still on the wall, and the furniture left behind. “They just leave,” he says, “They walk out, get in the car, and don’t come back. Imagine leaving all that? Your whole life.”

I wonder why people can’t see it coming? At 100 dollars a barrel for sweet crude, America can’t tread water much longer without drowning in high prices in every sector of its decaying economy. Japan’s pulled out cash from its investments in the United States. Half a trillion dollars worth that now goes to investing in emerging economic markets such as China. As an added insult, China financed most of the loans American banks handed out during the Great Housing Hustle when people completely unable to afford so much as a dumpster found themselves ensconced in $400,000 sheds. Why? Because housing prices were on the rise. A dummy could see that. Now all they had to do is hope they’d make the money back before the bubble popped.
But not enough dummies did. Instead of going up, the escalator headed down. And down. And down. You know the drill. Adjustable rates that border on criminal usury. The elimination of the middle class. School systems nationwide processing ” tested- to –death” illiterate zombies. A crumbling infrastructure. Nationally elected leaders lying to their citizens with no repercussions at all. And a Congress doing nothing more than the bidding of their wealthy masters.

That’s the Third World. That’s where we’re headed. Whether you like it or not.


The 1% of the rich who run this nation are hoarding-not spending- their precious tax break incentives . The media, trustworthy harbingers of doom, scream meltdown if average Americans don’t go out and consume. The reality is that if most Americans saved more money, worldwide markets wouldn’t be pulling their cash out from underneath our front porch. The dollar would stabilize, and the United States- under leadership that speaks the truth- would regain its status as a market of stability and growth.

But that’s not going to happen. Home school your kids to speak and read Chinese. You’ll learn right along with them. It’ll come in handy when you make the move to where all the jobs are flowing. Don’t bother with Spanish. The future of the United States is the future of Hispanic people immigrating, legally or otherwise, from the Americas. It’s their country now. You just don’t know it yet.

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