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December 1st, 2007

I’ll bet you were too busy playing fantasy footsie to catch this one lobbed at us by the Feds.

The Department of Homeland Insecurity wants the airlines, the trains, the buses, the taxi’s, rental car agencies and travel agencies to hand over any and all information they have on every American citizen traveling within the borders of the United States.

All of us. Innocent or otherwise. No exceptions.

Why would the government want our travel itineraries? What do they care that I travel from here to Snooseville and back? Do you realize how many zillions of documents we’re talking about? How many people travel every day in this country? Millions maybe?

When did We the People of the United States decide to give the government we elected the privilege to keep track of our traveling habits inside our own country? Did we send people to Congress to sit back in their puffy leather chairs and just stare out the window? Where is the raging condemnation, the calls of treason from these side parted , culturally disabled, on their knees suck ups we elected?


United Nitwits of America , always yammering about Commie Liberals ruining the Nation when they aren’t any liberals anywhere in government, better stick their tongues into the nearest light socket and wake up and see what their own conservative brethren have done to our country. This is as bad as Communism was at its rat-your-parents-and-everybody-else-out best.


Growing up we were screamed at, reminded incessantly over and over again the unimaginable agony of people “trapped” behind the Iron Curtain. Grateful , middle-aged refugees, smuggled out by CIA perps anxious to red-bait us and ramp up the fear of nuclear totalitarianism, popped up on tv screens all over the country , speaking in broken English, to condemn the Godless Commie Hell they’d just escaped from.


In the United States, law enforcement can now break down your front door and enter your home without a warrant. Citizens can be taken away to prisons they can never be released from. Government can enter your home when you’re away without telling you.


That’s right. The United States Supreme Court upheld a 9th Circuit Court decision allowing law enforcement and firefighters to enter our homes and go through all our possessions without a warrant or writ of habeas corpus.


And this one is particularly chilling; you can now be arrested and prosecuted for any document or article they find encouraging “ hatred or discontent with” Amerika.


I’ll bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you?


We’re the enemy we fought so hard to defeat. As we agonize over our ignorance of its prophetic assignments, make sure you score another one for history and its uncanny ability to repeat itself.

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