Insane in the Membrane

December 7th, 2007

Not the madness that bursts into anger over spilled milk. But the madness that locks people into the insides of their minds, unable to find their way around, unable to escape the maze of thoughts and anxieties that tie them up emotionally and make them dangerous.

George W. Bush has gone around the bend. Whether it be the abomination of the war that has cost this nation trillions in national financial assets, or the failure to bring about domestic resurgence to invigorate a dying economy, this perennial failure in business and life has brought his dire legacy to bear upon the future, if it has one at all, of one of the world’s most promising experiments in liberty and diplomatic decency.

The recent revelations regarding Iran’s attempt to develop nuclear weapons were known by the Bush Administration to have ceased production years ago. Yet they persisted in their insane crusade to press the buttons that would set most of the Mideast on fire. If possessing another nations oil resources by military invasion was their purpose , it’s now gone far beyond that into a wonderland where absolute power now seethes to destroy whole sections of a country’s infrastructure despite its bounty of potential profitable assets.

In response to the National Security report they’d held onto for two years before it made its way out of the inner circle into the public domain, George W. Bush says the fact that Iran no longer has any desire to produce these weapons means that they will produce them in the future.

That’s madness. Absolute, irrational madness. One pundit lightened the load by suggesting Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana might also wish to resurrect the Iranian nuclear program making them as dangerous as the bearded lightweight who also pretends to run the Iranian nation.

To suggest to this nation that a reluctant nuclear player who’s resigned from pursuing weaponry and has buried the issue once and for all means he plans to do it again is cause to place Bush, this so called leader of the free world, into the hands of a capable team of mental health professionals who can administer the sort of treatment needed to regain not only this nations sanity but that of the world’s as well.


You see it in his eyes, his body language. He smirks when speaking of death, destruction, and financial ruin. Madness has always been the drug of choice when world leaders see their visions collapse into historical and personal ruin. Bush is no different. It’s time for the rest of the nation to intervene before we’re all tortured to tears by this madman’s destructive chant.

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