Abstinence for Idiots

December 9th, 2007

What kind of insane logic ever allowed any adult with a connected brain stem to advocate abstinence for younger people? Obviously, little or no life experience ever touched these idiots at all. The minute I had pubic hair sprouting from all sorts of places was the minute I wanted to have sex until I passed out from pleasure. Not even the threat that an invisible god would turn his back on me deterred me from getting laid.

The adults posturing over this issue know damn well that when they experienced the onset of puberty, they felt the same way I did. They wanted sex in mass quantities. Just like young people do today.

So obviously nothing has changed except for the political moment, a moment hijacked by religious half-wits with little or no formal life experience. Besides, most of these cretins react on hearsay or dogma instead of rational, intelligent thought. With access to the president’s pocketbook, we now have a national campaign costing billions just to tell young people, who are genetically engineered to reproduce, not to do it.

Other nations giggle at us. I talked to a German couple in Amsterdam about America’s abstinence programs . The husband had spent time in the mid-east.

“Americans are becoming as tyrannical as the fundamentalists in Iran”, he said.” Advocating abstinence from sex is religious fascism”. Then he smiled. “And trust me, both my wife and I know about the excesses of fascism”

If you’re one of these hypocrites advocating abstinence for young people, I suggest you either pick up a book on human sexuality or check yourself into a place where you can receive intelligence- inducing shock treatments and plenty of 21st century medications. You wanted to get laid when you were their age and if you didn’t, then you’re just a goddamn freak.

Imagine thousands of these sterile mutants being given taxpayer dollars to push this idiotic nonsense on young people. if you’re hung up, get help. But don’t stamp your stupidity on the backs of the rest of us. Especially those people beginning to walk the path of sexual fulfillment and identity. Keep your sick hands off America’s kids. Let them sculpt their lives just as you did. Let them use tools you didn’t have. Your early experiences with sex were fraught with guilt and repentance. Ours were not. And stop lying to young people. It’s embarrassing to the rest of us.

The only abstinence we need is from idiots too dumb to understand the complexity of lust, life, and love. And yes, the studies are conclusive.. Abstinence works only for those foolish enough to believe in it.

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