Piss & Moan

December 18th, 2007

Listen to the complaints. Over and over again I hear them complain. Complain about government not listening to them, not paying attention to their needs. Not spending their tax money efficiently. Not cutting waste and duplicity from government operations. Not appointing the best people to the most important positions. Not doing anything for anyone except the special interests that supports a corrupt bureaucracy.

Listen to them bitch. Because that’s all they do. Piss and moan.

Other people in other countries know instinctively that when government doesn’t work or listen it’s time to hit the streets. In Paris they turn over cars and toss fire bombs. Thousands gather waving placards and flags. Many wear costumes and face paint. Torches burn holes in the dark night . The streets are packed. No one can move.


Imagine that kind of activism here in the states. Because that’s all you can do is imagine. Activism is dead in America. God forbid anyone suggest taking it to the streets . That’s violation of Federal law. It’s called inciting a riot.


On European talk shows, callers threaten officials all the time. It’s part of the game. It’s how liberty is played out in nations that know too well what happens when citizens are too lazy to pay attention to what’s going on. More Americans know the Patriots are 14 and 0 than they do the name of the guy who runs the Department of Homeland Security. 40% of the people living in New York City have no idea who the Vice-President of the United States is. Only 1 out of 100 people could name the position held by Nancy Pelosi. Most didn’t even know who she is.


The idea that call-in radio shows are the vanguard of the voices of American liberty makes America even more of an international laughing stock. . Call-in radio shows are nothing more than piss and moan and do nothing. So what if you score some points against the host and other callers? Nothing changes. People don’t run out their front doors in their underwear, screaming and yelling because you inspired them. Besides, they’re too overweight for the stamina it takes to stand in the public square and demand accountability. To suggest that newspaper editorials and talk back radio shows showcase freedom of speech is delusional.


Until we shut up and hit the streets in massive protests against government inefficiency and corruption, not a goddamned thing will change. We have a Republic form of government, not a Democracy. The Founding Fathers knew the pitfalls of Democracy. Democracy is for imbeciles, not free people. A Republic government is held together with both violence and reason, each balancing the other. When one gets out of whack, the other kicks in. Democracy allows none of that.


If you don’t believe me, check the Federal statutes. Then you’ll really have a reason to run out your front door in your underwear.

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