Standing for Change

January 8th, 2008

I stand for change.

Sometimes I sit or lay down for change but I stand for change most of the time because it’s way more effective. Someone sitting for change looks lazy. Laying down for change looks weak. It also looks like you’re hooked on opiates.

Politicians are now standing for change, even though none of them have done a damn thing to change anything but their positions on issues like abortion, the war, and support for anything George W. Bush says or does.

Why kind of change are they talking about? Changing back to representing the people of this country instead of their zillionaire contributors? Changing the tax load from the Middle Class back to the class that can most afford it? Changing our foreign policy from one of delusional global ownership to one of honest cooperation with this century’s new dominant economic powers in Asia? Changing our pompous assertion that we’re the leaders of the free world when in fact we rank 11th on the list of nations considered to be free of government intrusion on the lives of its people?

It’s no use asking politicians what they mean by change. They’re only mimicking what we ask for so they can get elected. After that, it’s back to representing the established way of doing things so that none of their wealthy masters gets pissed.

We’re only a two party system for Christ sakes. One dominating political party away from complete totalitarian government rule. There isn’t a politician on that stage that represents anything benefiting the average taxpaying slave. None of them have any intention at all of doing a goddamn thing besides working the crowd of lobbyists on Capitol Hill for million dollar a year jobs after they bail from Congress.

Where’s the party that represents the marijuana smokers, the unemployed, struggling artists, the incarcerated, atheists, environmentalists, the homeless, and most of all the independent voters that make up the largest slice of the American electoral pie?

Most Americans don’t know that the Founding Fathers never embraced any political party. In fact, they never envisioned political parties. There’s no room at all in the Constitution for either the Democrats or the Republicans.

We’ll get change alright. We’ll get what’s left over after politicians pay their dues to the people that put up the cash that put them in power.

Don’t expect too much. It’ll be pocket change.

And that’s one thing that’ll never change no matter how long you stand there.

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