January 15th, 2008

I’d like to see just one of the candidates for president deliver a talk without using notes, a script, or pre approved talking points . I’d like to hear them speak extemporaneously without glancing down at a readout on a podium prompter.

If I can do it, those far more well educated than me can certainly accomplish the same thing.

If any of these tools were the least bit sincere in their comments , mindful of how silly they sound using words nobody in this country ever uses except to impress others with their agility at dodging crucial questions , we might have a candidate we could be excited about instead of schlepping to the polls to vote for people we never selected in the first place.

Get up there and speak from your heart. If you can’t do that, you are simply not qualified to run this complex nation or even an obscure island floating in the middle of nowhere. Pirates could do a better job explaining themselves and their plans for the nation than any of these rehearsed cartoon cut-ups. Where is the passion denouncing the loss of essential American freedoms and the demolition of Constitutional law? Where’s the voice that screams to make this the freest nation on Earth, instead of it’s pathetic, hypocritical rank of 11th among nations considered to be bastions of freedom for its people? When do we stand up and face off against a government and a compliant, ratings obsessed media determined to enslave the ability of its people to make any sort of informed decision?

Speaking from your heart is easy unless you’re trying to subvert our way of life. People loved Bill Clinton for the simple reason that he managed to stay on message while appearing to do so without a script. Hillary is just the opposite. In the spotlight she comes off as wonky and programmed with absolutely no sign of honest, let down your underpants sincerity.

If you come across someone who can speak without a script,, support them. But be careful. After all, Adolph Hitler only pretended to look at notes. That’s what the German people expected from their leaders. Well prepared dialogue and a well thought outline of what is they wanted to say. Unless it was an address to the military or a message to leaders abroad, Hitler never used any script at all.

But it goes to show that when you speak from your heart you can change a nation’s destiny. Hitler didn’t need notes to triumph over the will of the most educated and informed population of people on Earth. It ought to be easy to do with the biggest bunch of dumb assed, political ignoramuses on Earth. The ones with the big number 1 Styrofoam fingers and red, white, and blue face paint. If only the screens on their 55 inch televisions could show them in High Definition how goddamn ignorant they really are.

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