Bush Lied & We Knew It

June 1st, 2008

Bush’s former press secretary says the war in Iraq was sold to the American people with lies from Bush and the tree apes that swung from the branches of his administration. I know that. And you do too.

Most Americans knew in their heart all those lies were nothing but a pile of brown steamers on the front lawn of the USA. So why did they do nothing about it?

Two reasons. For a country barely 240 years old, Americas lust for bringing their way of doing things to the rest of the world is legendary. After the founding fathers passed on, Americas leaders thought everybody ought to be able to run around and do what they want to do no matter the cost to others. We looked upon the people of other countries in our hemisphere as unenlightened orangutans who needed our guidance. That attitude stuck and got worse as our egos blew up.

With war, America found a new, tougher image. We had the best troops and the desire to see the American dream succeed elsewhere even if the people of those nations didn’t want it. If they resisted we considered them enemies. For such a young nation, America has been to war over 200 times. It’s in our blood. Enemies define who we are.


But now it’s too late. Our elected officials no longer represent us. The voting booth is a joke.


So selling a war is easy. A few lies and noble baloney sends the war balloons and the cheers of our people soaring into the skies over those countries that reject our inflated values. We dropped an atomic bomb on a country that was so starved of food it was eating it’s noble Akita dogs to stay alive. We plundered Central America for its produce but excused our aggression as righteous because those countries were loaded with Godless commies. Our military budget sapped any common sense remaining in the minds of the voters, leaving public school systems so broke they had to have carnivals and bake sales just to keep the heat on in the wintertime.


So if it’s lies, the truth, or a shaded something in-between, the American people are always up for putting on the war jerseys, the face paint, and heading off to The Big Game. We knew Bush was hosing us but we liked it anyway. It gave us an excuse for another bar fight. And that sense of entitlement will continue until the day comes when we walk into the wrong bar filled with the wrong people and get our ass kicked to the other side of the moon.


Then, hopefully, we’ll be humbled into making America a decent citizen of the rest of the world and a much more honorable place to live for both its people and its brave, disabled, and underpaid warriors. And we won’t have to tear the nation apart to get the attention of the people we voted for to keep this from happening in the first place.

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