Where’s Our Oil?

July 2nd, 2008

Let’s be clear about this. We, the people of the United States, give our government permission to lease land to private oil companies to explore for oil. We give them offshore drilling rights and large sections of public land to tap oil for America’s energy needs.

This deal allows us to be the third largest oil producer on Earth. Behind Saudi Arabia and I forget who else. When I saw the statistics I flipped . We’re the world’s 3rd largest producer, not consumer, of oil.

So where’s our oil? It’s not the oil companies oil, it’s our oil. We let them use our land. Yet we get none of the benefits. In fact, none of those companies have paid us a dime for those leases in years. They owe us money. Millions in past due payments, with , of course, no interest to add to the debt.

They steal our oil and make money selling it to markets where the price of refined crude is worth way more than $ 4.12 a gallon. Because of this scam, America has to import oil from countries run by religious dictators and political mobsters. Not one of the candidates for President, Obama or McCain has said anything regarding the treachery and treason of these companies.

Oil companies and their cronies are on their knees begging for the American people to let them drill in the wildlife refuge up in Anwar, Alaska. What the people don’t know is this: The oil is marked for export to Japan which is waiting with its tankers to get the go-ahead to come and get it. The excuse will be its too costly to run a pipeline down to Fairbanks or Sitka, so we might as well sell it to Japan. This deal has been on paper for 10 years. Look it up. Offshore production will also be shipped out of our territorial waters to somewhere else on the planet where the price of a gallon of gas is 10 bucks a pop.

Oil companies say environmentalists won’t let them build more refineries. Since when have a bunch of Birkenstock radicals with just enough pocket change to put in a parking meter ever mustered enough power to take Big Oil to court? The answer is never.

So the next time you jam that faucet into the open hole underneath your gas cap remember America is the 3rd largest producer of oil on Earth. Somebody’s got our black gold. It’s time we put a stop to oil piracy and profit before this financial terrorist attack drops us into a depression that will make the last one look like a warm-up for the real thing.

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