Too Old

August 6th, 2008

America could put a 70 year old in charge of the government when it votes nationally in November.

That’s insane. A 70 year old man who knows nothing about the Internet, Google, porn sites, or laptops has no business being Commander-In Chief or President of the United States or head of the local Rotary Club. Without knowing how computers track transactions on Wall Street, Americas great gambling empire, a 70 year old man has no idea how markets work these days with instant declines and upward closings. He can’t understand the speed by which decisions are made and fortunes lost or acquired. He doesn’t know an I-Phone from one of those big red plastic dial ups that Ma Bell used to hang on the wall in the kitchen.

McCain has no idea about hip-hop, rock music, Ed Hardy, Chucks, The Dark Knight, You Tube, Carla Bruni, solar energy storage batteries, or how not to wear a long sleeved button down collar shirt with a baseball cap that matches his saggy wool blend trousers and sturdy black leather wing tips.

If the press seems more attached to Obama, there’s a reason. Following McCain around is like traveling with grandpa across Wyoming in a used Buick. Standing before a group of bikers in Sturgis, some dumb enough to wave signs “Bikers for McCain”, ( McCain wants federal laws mandating helmets for all motorcycle and scooter riders and raising the costs of motor cycle insurance to ease insurance company losses in cases of accidents), he looked like a disheveled, white faced troll who has no idea what a dresser or a springer is. Put McCain on a motorcycle but have the emergency unit on stand-by. McCain has enough trouble figuring out where he is today much less how to ease off the clutch of a V-twin.

If you don’t ride a Harley, or drive your own car, or mow your own lawn, you have no business hob knobbing with seasoned road kings. He stumbled over his words, couldn’t produce a coherent sentence, then let loose that consultant invented phony smile of his when his brain goes blank. Catering to blue collar workers anxious for anyone to improve their declining lifestyles is nothing more than a sorry snake oil hustle by a man re-invented as a hero.

He wasn’t. He was a prisoner of war captured and contained and tortured by the enemy. That’s not a hero, that’s a captive. Heroes go in and get guys like McCain out of POW camps at risk to their own existence. Find one of those guys and I bet not only does he know how to ride a Harley, but was probably there at Sturgis wondering just what this idiot was doing up on a stage with an speed freak wife and a pasted on grin. A 70 year old, incoherent , conveniently divorced and remarried opportunist with all the economic sense of a third grader and the charisma of a nursing home zombie in the Oval office? That’s insane. So stop all that “Obamas a black man” garbage and toss it onto the racial heap of the 1950’s where it belongs along with the ideas and bluster of John McCain, both throwbacks to an era when America had it all and the rest of the world had nothing. Now it’s the other way around but McCain’s too old and too rich to understand what the rest of us know all too well.


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