September 10th, 2008

I heard voices in my head. Voices telling me what to do and what not to do, such as which squares of floor tile to step on and which ones not to. Which way to enter a building and which way to leave it. Voices directing my every move until I flipped out and found myself dozing peacefully on meds, tucked under the thin cotton blanket and clean white sheets of a bed in a private mental hospital.

No amount of street drugs on earth can duplicate the kind of heavy sedation and internal emptiness of thought that full tilt boogie pharmaceuticals deliver to the human psyche.

The voices went away. If they started up again I ignored them and they evaporated. But never did I contend the voices were those of God. Maybe I should have. Then I could run for political office and have my own voice heard among the throngs of potential voters and supporters of candidates who say their decisions are those of God and that they are just vessels through which His message is delivered. Perhaps if I’d been an elected official, the voices in my head could be heralded as God’s divine intervention in people’s business. Think of how many lives I could have turned around had I only informed them of which squares of floor tile to step on in order for redemption to arrive unfettered for their starved, savaged souls. My words could have determined the fate of nations if only I hadn’t been hospitalized and changed by the grievous intervention of people who doused my words with capsules cooked up in science labs, capsules of granulated mood whackers that slid through my nervous system like black oil.Politicians are guided by God’s words. We know this because they say so. And we except it as fact. After all, God has a stake in our choice of national leaders. Pick the wrong one, and God will give victory to our enemies. Pick the right one and God will see to it we all obey every command, every word of the Gospel until our brains are washed clean of knowledge and supplanted with superstition.

When God tells Geoff Charles to drive around the block in his car thirteen times in order to alter the fate of the world, I no longer pay any attention. But when God tells a candidate for the second highest held political office in the country that he will direct her mission, it’s time for all of us to pay attention.

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