Socialism Rides to the Rescue

September 22nd, 2008


Excuse me while I laugh my ass off, but the most hysterical part of this nation’s economic meltdown has to be the use of Socialism to prop up the Humpty Dumpty’s of financial hornswoggling in order to put America’s economic solvency back together again.

Socialism is a word that to most people in the ignorant political jungles of the United States means enslavement and deprivation of all individual rights. They lavish praise on the so called “free market economy “ while knowing absolutely nothing about how these free markets are rigged in favor of speculators. When the manacles are taken off by lax government regulators, speculators go berserk. In all cases, massive amounts of money are gathered up by the few leaving the rest of us devastated by high prices and low wages.

Economic meltdowns have happened four times before in Americas short resume as a world power. The only organization with the kind of money to bail these boats out is the federal government. That means you. And what is even sweeter is that these bailouts don’t require the recipients to pay back a single cent to the taxpayers who gave them the money to save the nation’s ass from becoming another Brazilian landfill of cardboard shanties and midnight murders.

Socialism is an economic system. Capitalism is an economic system. Neither has anything at all to do with interfering with your rights as an individual unless they see an advantage in doing so. Socialism merely advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange be owned or regulated by the community. It is the antichrist to corporate greed and manipulation of markets. Simply put, when private enterprise ends up screwing everything to a fare-thee-well, the taxpayer steps in and not only picks up the tab, but now owns that enterprise as well. In the United States the game’s played differently. Taxpayers bail out private enterprise and get nothing in return except a the chance to take a breather while the idiots in industry get their act back together.

The next time you hear some illiterate know-it-all condemn socialism, just remember. You’ve got a couple of bucks in your wallet today and your company’s doors are still open for business because Socialism rode in and rescued America. Just like it did in every financial crises we’ve had since Washington crossed the Delaware.

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