Take Your Head Out of the Sandbox

October 10th, 2008

Here’s a couple of things you might want to think about.

The McCain/Palin attack against a well respected University of Illinois tenured professor, Bill Ayers, is deranged and dishonest. In fact, in 1997, Bill Ayers was named Chicago’s Citizen of the Year, an honor not bestowed upon either Palin or McCain at any point in their scabby lifetimes of insult and privilege. Palin is no more a member of the middle class than I am the Archbishop of Canada. Her income last year was in the range of 1.2 million, part of that posse of the upper 1% of the wealthy who have driven this nation straight down into the storm drain with their exclusive tax breaks and their refusal to let any of that dough trickle down like the liars in the Republican party told us it would.

If past associations with political activists and anarchists make us outcasts and terrorist sympathizers then count me in. Abbie Hoffmann was a friend of mine. The last time I saw him alive was right after he poked his head up from the underground where he’d spent time dodging the Feds. We relaxed in a small deli in downtown Phoenix and talked about old times. Abbie looked dark and troubled. He’d had some surgery that distorted his anxious ,youthful exuberance. But we were happy to be together again on the trail. Shortly thereafter, Abbie passed away. Way too soon and way too early for a man who could have given America the best years of his seductive radical viewpoint and engaging excitement about change. Real change. The kind of change that would make Palin pee in her precious designer underpants.

The other thing you want to think about is keeping your 401k right where it is. Don’t convert any of it to cash. That’s called market timing. The right time to move out of the stock market was a year ago, not now. If you sell off now, you lock in your losses. Besides, how will you know when to get back into the markets? If the Fed starts handing out money like Tootsie Rolls to kids in capes on Halloween, inflation will devour whatever cash you got from dumping out of your 401k. But don’t take my word for it. Ask the people who know what to do during these times of uncertain financial risk. Unless you’re one of them, leave your investments alone.

And why is Barack Obama considered to be a black guy when his mother is white? A Chinese guy marries a European and you have a Eurasian child. A Jewish woman gives birth and no matter the race or religion of the father, the child is considered a member in good standing of the State of Israel. So why is Obama a black man and not a white guy with a darker skin color than other white guys?

You might want to shut down the neurons popping off like blown fuses inside your head and take some time, or some medication, to let things bubble on low until the sun rises again over a financial system that too many people in this country face like cowards, instead of the flag waving American heroes they pretend to be when it’s time to kick some Third World ass. Now that it’s your butt being paddled in the global financial gauntlet , maybe you can finally get a clue as to why the world hates us so much and why it’s time to put a stop to it and start acting like adults instead of whining cry babies too unnerved to crawl out of their own sandbox.

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