Welcome to Liberalism

October 14th, 2008

Carrying hod to help put America’s bridges back together may not have the same cache as working as a paralegal or schlepping plates of food to distinguished diners in elegant restaurants, but it will put meat and potatoes on your table that have been vetted as safe to eat by new hires in the agricultural industry. Your kids may have to get offline, because, frankly, there’s nothing on line that will help them drill new underground water delivery systems to studio apartment dwellers in overgrown cities.

And in school, instead of texting their friends, kids will pass or fail on economic exams and legal theory take home tests along with geography, math, and essay writing assignments.

Welcome to Liberalism. Welcome to a world where The American dream is available without back breaking money grubbing college loans with exaggerated interest rates that sent some of those lender’s privileged knuckleheads to the best and most expensive schools available while blue collar kids are busying scraping together just enough dough to make it through the first year gauntlet of state sponsored advanced education.


Welcome to the Liberal era of living, a lifestyle Gen X and others younger than the Boom Boom Room of aging senior stinginess and greed have never experienced. Imagine. Instead of 650 billion bucks spent on stealing Iraq’s oil reserves before the Chinese do, Liberalism will dot the landscape with wind farms and alternative energy exploration, leaving oil companies and their huge profits wallowing in the dark ages of full service window wiping and gas wars while the rest of us get good jobs and decent paychecks. Then, and only then, will these pigs realize that now their kids will have to compete on the same level playing field as the poor kids. All the best and the brightest of America will have the same chance to get a good education and a livable standard of living. That’s competition. That’s going through the gears of the good life instead of photogenic sloth set on cruise control.


Liberalism levels the playing field. It has its faults, all single political theories do. We’ve yet to reach out to Charlesism…a government that incorporates all political theories to deal with separate and complex issues that single political consciousness is incapable of. What Liberalism will do loosens the upright and uptight phony baloney and fraud endemic in modern conservative theory. You won’t be driving a $30 thousand dollar car you can’t afford, but you will be able to get a loan and make the payments on a well made vehicle that offers value instead of excessively bloated profit and energy inefficiency.


Conservative ideals have much to offer all of us. Now all we have to do is wait for the real ones to poke their heads out of the bushes, instead of the arrogant capitalists that kidnapped the Goldwater standard of common sense. Once that happens, both Conservatives and Liberals can take pride in a coalition that grabs this country back from the wheeler dealers of capitalism and their media dupes that had too much to say while offering the rest of us very little to live on.

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