Back Breaking Lies

October 17th, 2008

This is important. So listen up.

Barack Obama is not going to raise taxes on the middle class. If you make under 200,000 bucks a year and still lucky enough to still have a job, you’ll get no increase in your tax obligation.

The massive back breaking grand piano on the shoulders of 95% of struggling Americans paying taxes are the tax breaks the upper 1% of wealthy Americans receive. Those are people who for the most part pack their portfolios from manufacturing money from money rather than dumping the cash from those tax breaks into industrial upgrades, small business stimulation ,and government guaranteed credit packages.

When John McCain talks about tax breaks for small business he’s hawking those businesses that make a billion or more dollars a year in profit. Do you know any small business that made a billion last year? Neither do I. So whether the 1% of the rich get a tax break or not doesn’t bother them at all. It just means they’ll have to cut back on buying their 16th multi-million dollar get-away penthouse in Dubai while culling the number of exotic call girls that bounce up and down with them on the king size trampoline in their suites. When John McCain smirks the words” small business” from his concocted and fraudulent, “I’m an American hero” loudmouth, he’s lying.

Small business to John McCain means anything slightly smaller than Warner Brothers.

Every time we’ve been duped into ‘trickle down” money scams, we’ve dive bombed into recession. We’re still coughing up loose change for Reagan’s funhouse even in this year’s tax bill. So who do you think picks up the loss of tax revenue when the Superrich pay nothing? Corporations? Most corporations in this country haven’t had a tax bill arrive in their mail slots since the end of the Garfield administration. When government revenues drop from tax breaks to the upper class, the middle class picks up the ball and runs with it to the sidelines to stop the debt clock. They’re the ones that get bruised and beat up and lose jobs.

When politicians lie, we ignore them. After all, when’s the last time we heard the truth?

You just did.

Now get out there and do something about it.

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